Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app to feature 3D mode

Apple got another good news for its fans with iOS 6 Maps. It is learned from Boy Genius Report (BGR) that the Apple version of Maps also to get the ability of displaying images in 3D. Google_Maps_270x405 Photos and other details obtained from trusted source, BGR said one of those photos reveal the app has got an option of switching to 3D mode. The site adds that jumping into the 3D mode of the iOS 6 Maps is easy. You simply need to peel back lower right corner of the app on the screen and then tap on the 3D mode option. Switching back to 2D is also easy. You just need to tap on an icon in the lower left corner of the screen. It is assumed that Apple may use 3D imagery provider by C3 Technologies that it acquired in October 2011. Earlier a similar information article was published on 9to5Mac website. It said Apple would not use Google Maps on its iOS 6 and may come up with its own version of maps application. Now it is confirmed that the piece of rumored news is true. Apple is in favor of bringing out its own in-house Maps app. Apple’s iOS 6 is expected to be released at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11. It is also expected that Apple’s Maps app would be release by the same time.

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