Apple to officially launch iPad in India tomorrow

Update: As promised, Apple has officially launched iPad in India. There are some changes to what we wrote before. The iPad prices are slightly different from what was reported before. The new prices are as below.Apple iPad Price List in India (Incl of taxes)Apple iPad WiFi – 16 GB: Rs. 27,200Apple iPad WiFi – 32 GB: Rs. 32,900Apple iPad WiFi – 64 GB: Rs. 37,900Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 16GB: Rs. 34,900Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 32GB: Rs. 39,900Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 64GB: Rs. 44,900ipad price indiaWhen Compared this with iPad prices in US, the indian prices are still expensive by 5k-6k.Apple iPad Price List in USApple iPad WiFi – 16 GB: $499 Apple iPad WiFi – 32 GB: $599 Apple iPad WiFi – 64 GB: $699 Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 16GB: $629 Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 32GB: $729 Apple iPad WiFi + 3G – 64GB: $829ipad-us-pricesThe first generation iPad is NOTcompetitively priced in India. But when you think about the basic version of iPad which is available at Rs. 27k, it is cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Tab. Responding to this pricing, Samsung also has dropped the price of Galaxy Tab from Rs. 38,000 to Rs. 28,900. The price wars on tablet has begun and its only time before we see affordable tablets for masses of India 🙂 Apple is officially going to launch iPad in India on January 28th 2011. Yes! iPad will hit Indian stores exactly after 10 months since the device was launched officially in United states, UK and parts of Europe. Apple has been tradionally using India as a dumping ground for obselete products – the products that are atleast 1 year old. By the time apple introduces these products in India, there would be an upgraded released in the parent market simultaneously. In another 3-4 weeks time, apple would be definitely unveiling its new product line such as iPhone 5 and iPad 2. We in India would be getting the first generation iPad after so many months..!dimensions_20101116Radhika Sharma of Economic Times spoke about this launch couple of days ago and there’s some good news (depending on the way you look at it).iPad Price in IndiaiPad with Wi-Fi and no 3G will be priced between Rs.26,000 and Rs. 33,000 (16GB, 32GB and 64 GB versions will be available) iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G will be priced between Rs. 33,000 and Rs. 44,000 (16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB versions will be available). This pricing is really competitive and is lower that what people paid for in grey markets. This announced price is almost the same as what you can get it in United states. But within another 3-4 weeks, Apple would be unveiling the new iPad 2 in United states. By then, the original price of iPad would be slashed even further. So the price of first generation iPad in US would be cheaper. But when you look at purely the Indian landscape, iPad prices are very competitive and can give a run for the money to Samsung Galaxy Tabs and other models out there. In conjunction with launch, BSNL has announced data plans for the iPad devices which we covered little earlier. If you have been holding off the iPad purchase for long and cannot wait anymore and cannot shell out more than the proposed prices, then you should go and buy this iPad in India on January 28th. Otherwise, wait and watch for iPad 2.
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