Apple to bring its own Stylus for iOS devices

An included Stylus with Apple products. Yes, it may be a possible news. Apple filed a patent in US patent & Trademark Office last week, for an ‘active stylus’. stylusipad As Per the reports of, the filing says, “the stylus includes an electrode at a tip of the stylus; and powered circuitry coupled to the electrode and configured for capacitively coupling the electrode with a capacitive touch sensor panel. The powered circuitry can further include drive circuitry configured to output a drive voltage at the electrode and/or sense circuitry configured to sense a voltage received at the electrode” This patent isn’t filed under the name of Apple but of its two employees, Engineering Manager Jonah Harley and Hardware Engineering Manager David Simon. Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs earlier expressed his disinterest for a stylus. Supporting which he said that a stylus bundled with any product meant that it was a failure device. During an Apple’s Event in 2010, he said, “If you see a stylus, they blew it,” One of the biggest Apple’s rival, Consumer electronic manufacturers Samsung bundles Stylus with many of its Products.

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