Apple rumor: iPad Mini Retina Display to arrive next year

Hey, it was barely a few days ago that Apple’s iPad Mini landed at stores and our doorsteps, to some of course, and now it is rumored that the Asia supply chain is coming up with a future Retina version of this 7.9-inch tablet. ipad-mini Chinese-language media, DoNews informed on November 7, that iPad Mini display maker AUO is working on a 2,048 x 1, 563 pixel resolution display for the next iPad Mini. It would be a similar resolution of the 9.7-inch Retina display that we find in the third-and-fourth-generation of iPads. It also would translate to a 300-plus pixel density (verses the iPad 4’s 264 pixels per inch) because you are packing the same number of pixels into a 7.9-inch display. Moreover, the non-Retina iPad Mini is pressed between two marquee Apple Retina products- the 4-inch iPhone 5 and 9.7-inch iPad, and not to mention the MacBook Pro Retina models. It will be worth the effort to introduce the Retina Mini for the Apple company. One of the most frequent complaints of the iPad is its grainy 163 pixels-per-inch display. Hence Apple would be careless if it did not address this blemish at some point. Wait a minute, before you are fully taken. The report affirms that the Retina-class display aimed at the Mini would not emerge before next year, tentatively the later half of the year 2013.

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