Apple rumor: iOS 6 to feature iCloud tabs, Mail VIPs, Do Not Disturb

The upcoming iOS 6 of Apple would be a whole new. The iDevice giant has worked more on offering the best ever operating system for mobile phones. Though not confirmed officially, but rumors suggest the new iOS 6 to feature support for iCloud Tabs, Mail VIPs, enhanced notification center and also “Do Not Disturb” toggle. iOS-6 According to 9to5Mac website, when user clicks on the iCloud Tabs button on any iOS 6 device, the opened tabs on each device is shown in synchronized list. This helps user to pickup tabs quickly opened on other Apple devices. The Mail VIPs feature of the iOS 6 is unofficially said to allow user putting a star next to received emails from specific group. In this regard 9to5Mac wrote, “VIPs assigned to iCloud accounts will sync with iCloud across iOS 6 iPads, iPhones, iPod touches, and OS X Mountain Lion Macs.” The third rumor so far includes the feature of “Do Not Disturb” in the improved notification part. It is learned this feature is to be stationed similar to the “Airplane Mode” button in the settings. The information so far available for the iOS 6 of Apple is very slim. We will keep an eye on all the reliable tech websites that wholly cover news and rumors of Apple and its products. Meanwhile, do use the below comment box to let your fellow readers know more about the upcoming OS of Apple. Also, do check our earlier post – Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app to feature 3D mode

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