Apple Rejects ‘Memory’ Games From App Store

Apple is always with a twist if legal matters come. This time it has problem with the word ‘memory’ in the title of gaming apps for its iOS mobile operating system. memory games The Cupertino guys have asked developers of iOS games to remove the word ‘memory’ from the titles of games. It is not just an asking but a warning too. Apple says if the change is not done then they will be forced to remove such games from the Apple Store. Huh! Well, let us understand from where the problem is originating with the word ‘memory’ in gaming apps for Apple. An instruction has come from Ravensburger, a German game maker that sells a popular series of board games having the brand name ‘Memory’. It claims of having patent right for the name ‘memory’ in game titles in some 42 countries. Darren Murtha, the developer of the famous Preschool Memory Match, stated to a tech site that the company was too busy to look for a new title, rather chose to delete it from all 42 countries. They have planned to change to a new name in those countries and upload a new version coming next year. A probe of the U.S. Apple App Store returns dozens of games with ‘memory’ in the titles. Don’t be surprised if very soon your favorite memory game gets a new name. Also, do share your views whether Apple will escape legal notice by doing this. Use the below comment section.

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