Apple pulls back, withdraws patent war against Galaxy S III mini

Apple Inc has withdrawn its patent-infringement complaint against Galaxy SIII mini. The trial was scheduled for November 23, 2014. There have been several disputes going on regarding patent and its policies between the two giants. The patent complaint was filed by Apple in February. apple-samsung-logo1 Apple might have considered withdrawing its complaint post Judge Lucy Koh of San Jose,North California court had rejected the request to ban the sales of certain Samsung smartphones. The case dealt with the sales of Samsung Galaxy flagship device,Galaxy SIII mini and five other smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer Samsung  in US. Samsung had clarified that it is not selling this smartphone in the US market. Apple has confirmed that its lawyers had bought the smartphone from Amazon and it was shipped in US. Apple had filed the patent war on intellectual and ideological grounds. The North California court had asked the two companies to present the further rounds of their case in March 2014. With this it becomes clear that the Samsung Galaxy Mini Slll will not be for sale in US. Galaxy SIII mini is an Android smartphone. Both the companies have not released an official statement or comment in regards to this case. Its yet to be seen whether the five other devices of Samsung that were included in the original patent infringement filed by Apple will be approved for sales in US. Apple had taken back its complaint on the condition that it might again consider the case in case the facts approve of it.

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