Apple offers discounts up to Rs 11,000 on iPads in exchange for a notebook or tablet

After the successful scheme of exchanging iPhones, Apple is back with another exciting opportunity of exchanging old tablets for a discount while buying iPads. This scheme could be beneficial to people looking to get rid of their old tablets and buy a new iPad. Through advertisements in newspapers, Apple has announced to give a discount of minimum Rs. 4,000 to its consumers on exchanging their existing gadgets such as a laptop or a tablet. One can avail this offer on Mini iPad models and on iPads with 16GB that has Retina display. The existing tablet should not exceed the usage period of two years or else it may not be considered suitable for the exchange offer. A discount of Rs. 4,000 can be obtained by trading off your old First generation iPad, any Samsung product such as a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note N8000, Blackberry PlayBook or on any model of Karbonn tablet. Apple would also provide a cash back of above Rs. 5,000 on other iPads integrated with 3G and WiFi. The sales went high in India, when the scheme of Apple iPhone 4 was officially announced. The recent announcement is expected to have much better results, as Mini iPad is the latest model launched by Apple.

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