Apple new iPad (unofficial) Price in India ?

If you aren’t any Apple fan, you’ll get astonished by looking at the new iPad’s unofficial price rates. Ofcourse, there is an underlying reason for the term “unofficial”. The new iPad isn’t officially made available in India and people crave for Apple products buy at an off-beat seller at a premium price. But this time, the device price really surprised us. Some of the eCommerce stores started selling the products at this roof-topped price rates.

  • Apple new iPad 16GB WiFi Only version – Rs.69,990 (discounted price is Rs.59990)
  • Apple new iPad 16GB WiFi + 4G version – Rs.79,999 (discounted price is Rs.59990)
  • Apple new iPad 32GB WiFI-only version – Rs. 79,999 (discounted price Rs.69,990)
  • Apple new iPad 32GB WiFI + 4G version – Rs.89,990 (discounted price Rs.64,990)
  • Apple new iPad 64GB WiFi -only version – Rs.89,990 (discounted price is Rs.79990)
  • Apple new iPad 64GB WiFi + 4G version – Rs.94,999 (discounted price is Rs.84,999)
apple-new-ipad-price-in-india Literally, the prices are double the cost of products sold officially in US. Apple lovers, they’re cashing your madness !!! Prices via [Rediff Shopping]
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