Apple iPhone History Edition

Luxury and Elite gadget maker Stuart Hughes is back with another masterpiece. This time he choose to use a material that dates back 65 million years ago! After stunning the world with the world’s most expensive mobile phone, he was inspired to seek even rarer materials. So he has made use of tooth of a real T-Rex dinosaur and a meteor. This world’s first dinosaur mobile phone is studded with 8.5ct flawless ‘IF’ diamonds (basically internally flawless diamonds) on the rim and the apple logo on the back is studded with diamonds too. Stuart is making only 10 handsets under this concept and each phone costs £39,995.00 (or roughly Rs. 27.85 crores)! Meteor used Tooth-stone-prep Rear side of Dinosaur phone dino-phone-rear Front side of Dinosaur phone dino-phone-front Iphone History preparation

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