Apple iPhone 6 Plus review in pictures

“The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is a biggie, and here’s an easy-to-digest review”


Apple may be late to the phablet party, but its iPhone 6 Plus (first impressions | camera review) is a loaded beast that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to design, build quality and features. Apple isn’t in the specs game, so the 6 Plus won’t boggle the mind when it comes to core hardware numbers or the camera megapixels. In a way, the phablet just feels like a larger version of the iPhone 6 (review), but the extra screen real estate, not to mention the beefier battery, add significantly to the overall experience. Large-screened smartphones are not for everyone, especially if they involve selling a kidney or two to acquire, but for many, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus could be just what they were waiting for. Our detailed review of this notable device is still in the factory, but in the meantime, here’s a gist in the form of a quick review in pictures…

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