Apple iPhone 6 camera review: accomplished all-rounders

“Here are some image samples from the iPhone 6’s cameras”


At first glance, you might be disappointed to find that the iPhone 6 (unboxing and first impressions) appears to have the same camera specs as the iPhone 5s, with no bump in resolution on either the primary or front cameras. But in true Apple style, there are several other new features packed in to improve image quality. The 8MP iSight camera gets the same f/2.2 aperture, but now has a new sensor with Focus Pixels, which enables faster autofocus. It also gets auto stabilisation, exposure control, higher-resolution panorama and improved face detection. There are several new video enhancements too, such as 240fps slo-mo video, continuous autofocus, time lapse, and cinematic video stabilisation. The front 1.2MP FaceTime camera now claims to let in 81 percent more light and offers improved face detection, HDR video, exposure control and a new burst mode. We’ll be delving into the details in our full review, but for now let’s take a look at some camera samples from the iPhone 6. The photos have been resized to fit the page, but you can click to view them in full resolution. 

Long Shot

iPhone 6 camera performance_long shot
In this image sample, the iPhone 6’s camera has done a great job capturing the various details in the scene. The image is sharp and clear, with colours accurately represented. Zoooming in doesn’t reveal pixelation either.

Close Up

iPhone 6 camera review_close up
In this macro shot, the subject is completely in focus, with the background sufficiently blurred to create a depth of field effect. The colours are vibrant without being oversaturated.

Close Up (Zoomed In)

iPhone 6 camera sample_close up zoomed in
Zooming into the centre of the orchid reveals even more detail, with sharpness retained and no visible noise clouding the image.


iPhone 6 camera sample_HDR off
This scene has a mix of dark and light elements, making it an ideal shot to test the camera’s HDR abilities. Without HDR, the foliage appears dark, and the colours muted.


iPhone 6 camera review_HDR on
The HDR mode is very subtle, with not much of a difference visible. However, it has done the basic job of lightening the darker areas and improving the contrast levels in the sky. While the HDR mode may not be the most effective we’ve used, on the plus side it hasn’t made the image look unnatural.

Front Camera

iPhone 6 camera test_front camera
In this front camera shot, the snapper has managed to keep the subject in focus and skin tones natural. However, there is visible grain and pixelation when the image is zoomed in. 

Low Light

iPhone 6 camera performance_low light
Taken in poor lighting conditions, this image is grainy and dark. On the plus side, colours and text are still visible. 

Low Light (With Flash)

iPhone 6 camera test_low light with flash
The iPhone 6 features a True Tone flash, with one amber LED and one white LED. The result, as you can see is very pleasing. The image is neither washed out nor yellowed, and the light is well distributed too.

Night Shot

iPhone 6 camera review_night shot
While the night shot is grainy and loses detail when zoomed in, the camera has still captured the ambient light well enough to create an image that is usable.

Overall, the iPhone 6’s cameras are a very capable pair, performing well over a variety of scenes and lighting conditions. For more details, stay tuned for our full review. In the meantime, if you’ve got any doubts about the device, check out our frequently asked questions.
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