Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C officially confirmed to launch in India on November 1st

Apple has finally officially confirmed that it is going to launch its latest high-end smartphone Apple iPhone 5s and the low cost Apple iPhone 5c in India on November 1st. It will be a real treat for the Apple fan-boys in the country before the holiday season as well as festive season. The high-end Apple iPhone 5S is mainly targeted at the buyers looking for fastest Apple smartphone experience and company has also embedded a fingerprint sensor in this phone for extra security of user’s data.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

In addition to the launch of the phones in India, company has also confirmed that it will launch the devices on the same date in more countries like Albania, Bahrain, Moldova, Guam, Armenia, Macedonia etc. etc.. Company has also confirmed that these devices will land in 25 additional countries from Friday, October 25 including Italy, Finland, Russia, Spain and South Korea etc. Both of the phones are currently available to buy in the markets like US, China, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Japan, UK, Puerto Rico and Singapore. And, now these will be finally rolled out in more waiting consumers in the other regions too.

iPhone 5C models

Apple officially launched these phones in an event on September 10 and the phones were available to buy in mentioned above 9 countries from September 20th. The gold edition of the Apple iPhone 5S has been a huge success for the Cupertino tech giant in the Asian markets, where the phone sold out in just a week after the launch.
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