Apple iPhone 5C surfaces online again with red color casing

Highly rumored Apple iPhone 5C has surfaced online again in new pictures with red color casing of the phone. One of the highly anticipated features of the next gen low cost iPhone device is the multi-color versions of the device. While, the previous iPhones were only launched with Silver and Black color models, it looks like Apple is going to attract the budget buyers with the multi-color versions of the low cost phone to compete against the rival brands.

iPhone 5C red model back

Rumored features of the Apple iPhone 5C include a 4inch display with Green, White, Black, Red and Yellow color models. According to reports the phone will be featuring a polycarbonate body as the metal design makes the price go pretty higher. One of the special rumors about the phone is that it will be having an 8MP rear camera that already comes in Apple iPhone 5. If the rumors about the 8MP main camera of the phone are true than it will be a really surprising thing in a low cost device from Apple. One thing is pretty sure that the budget smartphone buyers in the global markets will be surely impressed by the multi-color versions of the low cost iPhone device. Most of the smartphone manufacturers are also concentrating on presenting their notable devices with multi-color choices.

iPhone 5C Red Model

Recently, HTC One is also spotted in blue color version online in a leaked photo which is already showcased in Black, White and Glamour red color models. Anyways, keep checking the blog for the latest updates because we will update you more on the low cost iPhone device after getting more information in the future.
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