Apple iPhone 5 with Black Diamond worth $15 million

Stuart Hughes strikes the market again with his craftsmanship. The designer is known for crafting luxury devices using precious metals and rare stones. This time, Stuart makes a luxury edition of Apple iPhone 5 with rare black diamond and yellow metal. This time, the story-line has a twist. A Chinese businessman who owns the Black Diamond contacted him to make a device for him. However, Stuart Hughes turns the opportunity to a deal and prices the iPhone at a whopping $15 million. iphone5_black_diamond Let us find what this beauty wears ! We know, a masterpiece cannot be built in a day. Apparently, it took 9 weeks to re-create the new iPhone 5 (luxury edition) and it is completely hand-made. As aforesaid, this handset wears a single flawless, deep-cut black diamond weighs 26 carats and was placed on front panel replacing the home button. Similarly, the chassis (covering both sides) was poached with 600 white flawless diamonds. Apparently, the device wears the precious yellow metal (gold) dress 24ct weighing 135 grams. The home screen display was replaced with Sapphire glass for extra sturdiness. Stuart Hughes luxury phones are much familiar across the globe. Although, he uses the same metals, he gives a different treatment everytime. This time, the back Apple logo flaunts with 53 flawless diamonds. The new Apple iPhone 5 (luxury edition) is limited to 100 units and sells for US $15 million or £10 million. Hurry ! the bookings are open now 🙂

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