Apple iPhone 5 Review – What just got better?

Apple had been very cautious about letting any pre-release news about its iPhone 5 get around. Is it the constant prying that let a lot of information before the iPhone went official slip out, or is it that Apple tactfully allowed it to? Whatever it is, the hype and noise surrounding the iPhone 5 is unprecedented and much of that is due to the fact that the leaks received from iPhone news, is perhaps the most that any phone has experienced. Apple finally gave quietus to the suspense and released the new iPhone having the title of the numeric 5.


The new Apple iPhone 5 is the thinnest and most lightweight of iPhones, being 20 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner than the iPhone 4S. IT has diamond cut chamfered edges and glass inlays. The most thrilling factor definitely being the addition of LTE. Ultra quick wireless is still supported. HSPA+, EV-DO, EDGE are still available as expected, but how great is the true 4G which is also made available? Absent from the new Apple device is NFC, proving many a speculative news bit wrong.  The phone does however have GLONASS and GPS for navigation benefits. Apple has also included the new A6 CPU, which makes us want to scream with excitement. Claims by Apple are projecting that this new CPU will power up the device better than before since it is twice more fast than the chip housed within the 4S. The A6 is even 22 percent smaller making it conducive to place inside a compact and slim device. It has another bonus; which is that it is energy efficient being capable of running 8 hours of talk time, and if you work through Wi-Fi those 8 hours can be easily dragged on to 10 hours. apple iphone5 screen The camera is almost the same as the camera found on the iPhone 4S, perhaps a bit more slim and is basically a backslide illuminated 8 megapixel sensor, having a 5 element lens with an f/2.4 aperture. The shutter speed has been increased making it super efficient through quick response in snapping shots. Other enhancement to the camera, are the new panoramic shooting mode puts together a 28 megapixel photo and the capacity to capture 1080p videos. Even the front facing camera has a backside illuminated sensor with the capacity to capture 720p videos. For better quality video chatting you can team up the iSight cam with FaceTime on the new 4G network. Apple hasn’t stopped at these improvements. The microphone has also been upgraded to a five magnet transducer that boats of improvement in voice quality on networks which support it. Also the better audio quality promises better communication with Siri for prompt execution of your delegated tasks. The dock connector has finally been changed making it an eight-pin plug that is 80 percent less in size. The new connector has been christened as Lightening and more durable than the previous adaptor. It uses an adaptive interface which uses only those signals that the accessory requires to be used, and this is reversible meaning that you can reconnect to accessories practically in an instant. For those who want to keep their accessories which worked on the old connector, you can buy an adaptor sold by Apple. iphone 5 thin side The new much anticipated iOS 6, the best Operating System in existence, is built into the device and comes with substantial improvements including 200 new features, that serve your geeky drive. With the new Operating System you’ll get a better version of Siri, Passbook Navigation and Facebook integration, among other things. The new iPhone 5 comes in black and white.  The white one looks neat  and the back is made of aluminum. The black looks the familiar classy kind in an anodized body. The thin body beautifully fits the 4 inch Retina display which has more pixels than the iPhone 4S. The screen has been made taller, a clever decision against making it wider, to improve handling and readability. apple iphone 5 network Back to the new A6 chip; it was developed to improve performance and double up power efficiency to enable the new features of the iPhone 5 to work smoothly. This in unision with the new 4 inch Retina display, you have stunning graphics and CPU performance. Every function on the new iPhone 5 is exceptionally fast, including processes like launching apps, opening up multiple web pages, browsing and downloading and opening up attachments from your email. The 8 megapixel iSight camera is at present the world’s most popular and favored camera, and it works brilliantly with the iPhone 5. The camera which is about 25 percent smaller than the camera in the iPhone 4S has undergone a lot of change to emerge completely redesigned generating precision like visuals. The new iSight camera in iPhone 5 has a sapphire crystal lens cover which is more thin and fine and offers a lot more endurance than other glass lens covers rendering super fine quality images. There is a new panorama feature that allows the user to capture images up to 28 megapixels by panning the camera across a scene in a single motion. Video can be captured by using the improved stabilization feature to take care of shaky video footage. It also has face detection feature with a capacity to detect up to 10. You can also click pictures during filming in video mode. The FaceTime HD front facing camera allows you to have real life clarity in video calls made through FaceTime. Pictures taken on the iPhone 5 can be shared with friends and family through iCloud’s Shared Photo Streams. The new audio features include a new beam-forming, and directional microphone system to improve the quality of sound. It also comes with new noise canceling  feature that does the task of reducing noise in the background giving you unadulterated sounds. iPhone 5 comes with support for cellular wideband audio for improved clarity of speech. Several carrirers around the world will support Wideband audio on the iPhone 5. Your iPhone 5 will come with the new Apple EarPods of course, which have been re-engineered for increased durability, sound quality, and grip. The new EarPods come with functionality to produce clear and undistorted audio, with uniform distribution of the beats.
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