Apple iPhone 4 availabe on Indian stores

The 4th generation mobile phone from Apple – iPhone 4 is available officially in Indian stores now. The iPhone 4 16GB version is available at Rs. 38,900 and iPhone 4 32GB version is available at Rs. 45,400 now including all taxes, shipping charges. Apple-iPhone-4G To recap, iPhone 4 has ground-breaking features such as Retina Display which allows high resolution of 960×460 pixels in a screen size of 3.5 inches including a contrast ratio of 800:1. Facetime a feature allowing real-time video calling. Gyroscope, a new kind of sensor including 3 dimensions and provides a new avatar to gaming experience. The most important features would be the stainless steel frame encasing which also doubles up as mobile antenna. There has been some controversies surrounding the antenna reception quality and call drops. But Apple has handled the problem through multiple solutions such as refunds, a mobile casing etc., The problem has been released in further shipments.

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