Apple iPad Price slashed ahead of iPad Mini launch

Apple dropped the price of iPhone 4 and 4S not only once but two times ahead of launch of iPhone 5. Now when iPad mini is anticipated to launch in India in November, Apple slashed the price of all the versions of iPad 3 (commonly known as New iPads). It seems this has become a trend with Apple products now. In fact, considering the trend of price drop of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, we may expect one more drop in price of iPad before the launch.

Here are the dropped prices:

The new prices indicates a price drop of around 1.5k INR. Needless to say you can get even better deals on our respective product pages which can be accessed by clicking on the products name in the above list.

As a word of advice, I would suggest you to wait for some more days as a further price drop before the iPad mini launch is expected as well.

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