Apple iPad 2 fast becoming a rare commodity

No other product in the history of gadgets has garnered such an incredible demand and an unquenchable supply gap. Every country in which Apple iPad 2 was launched has attracted long queues and waiting lines in front of the apple resellers and apple stores. There has been some bad incidents in beijing where the customers started fighting to buy the gadget and the shops had to be shut after some glasses were broken! Even in India, within 2 hours of launch, iPad 2 was out of stock. The lords of apple decided that 10,000 iPads would be sufficient for India and they were proven wrong terribly.

Now the wait for iPad 2 gets longer due to an explosion in Apple’s partner Foxconn manufacturing plant situated in southwest china. This plant reportedly assembles Apple’s marquee products such as iPads, iPods and iPhones. Foxconn is also the manufacturing partner for other major products such as Amazon Kindle and has reputed clients such as sony, acer, intel, cisco, dell among others in its portfolio. The explosion occured due to the presence of a combustible dust in the polishing workshop. The explosion has temporarily suspended the operations in this manufacturing plant.


Apple currently manufactures the products in two plants including the one in Shenzhen. Apple claims that the stoppage of work in Chengdu plant will not create production or supply problems. But the true story has not come out yet. Whatever happens, this incident has definitely placed additional bottle neck to the already congested production line! Apple iPad 2 is well on its way to become a rare commodity…! The longer the demand exists, the more intense the demand will become 🙂

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