Apple iOS 4.3 Beta released to developers

Apple released iOS 4.3 beta to the developers but not to the general public yet. There are some new features on this new version as mentioned below: ios_4.3_download Apple iOS 4.3 Beta new features Configure the side switch to control either the mute or lock rotation. This should make lot of users happy 4-finger or 5-finger multi-touch swype support 4-finger or 5-finger multi-touch pinch to close the app 4-finger or 5-finger multi-touch swype up from the bottom to reveal the multi-tasking bar! From the settings you can turn on or off the multitasking guestures From the settings, you can see Personal hotspot feature. This will allow the wireless internet connection to be shared with 5 other wireless devices. However, this feature should be enabled by the operator! In addition, you have some new sound effects and new fonts such as noteworthy Apple iOS 4.3 Beta Video

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