Apple imitates Samsung for next generation iPhone

Apple is gearing up to announce the next generation iPhone but is facing production delays. Industry rumours are pointing to a new lighter, thinner iPhone with edge-to-edge screen (with negligible bezel) and the new iPhone might even sport a 8 mega pixel camera. If you all remember correctly, Samsung took the positioning of thinner, lighter and powerful phones and tablets when it unveiled its newest range of Galaxy tabs and smartphones. Well, looks like Apple wants to take that positioning now 🙂


Apple’s production partner Hon Hai Precision based in China is facing production delays due to unsatisfactory production yield rates. Due to the thinner devices, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to assemble all the components inside a thin form-factor and still meet the production volume expectations. Hon Hai is trying to reach an equilibrium. The new iPhone might be delayed beyond Q3 2011, but sources at apple are confident on a Q3 announcement.

Apple is expecting to sell 25 million of these next generation iPhones over the period of one year. A target that’s looking improbable, as the new device does not show any significant improvement apart from the marginal hardware specs. But you can never judge Apple!

Apple is also focused on putting brakes to the momentum of Samsung. Both these companies have been busy suing each other, and Apple has recently sued Samsung for copying its design elements (Whatever it points to). Samsung too filed series of suits against Apple for copyright infringements. It’s worthwhile to note that Samsung supplies hardware to Apple including the memory chips found in iPhone. As this battle continues, all eyes are etched on the new iPhone…! Will the next generation iPhone see the same level of demand as the past ones did? Is the new iPhone capable of slowing down Samsung’s momentum? Let’s see..

Source: Wall Street Journal

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