Apple files a fresh law suit against Samsung in Japan

Apple files another lawsuit against Samsung and this time it is in Japan. According to Reuters report, Apple is suing Samsung for the same patent violations of iPhone and iPad as it did in several other countries across the globe. Apple filed a suit with Tokyo District Court claiming a damage of US $1.3 million (amount yet unclear). apple-vs-samsung Neither of the company commented on this latest case filing. Recently, Apple was able to freeze the sales and marketing promotion of Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany and Australia. Even, the promotional activity of new product Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is immediately withdrawn after Apple winning the injunction at Berlin. Now, the battle entered the grounds of growing market field where Android and iOS were the leading smartphone operating systems in terms of sales units. Based on the statistical data, Japanese market is covered with a share of 57 percent of Android smartphones and is vigorously growing. Samsung proving to be a number one Android smartphone maker is now in a state of losing the potential. Apple with a share of 38 percent in the market stands to be a number one contender and has a large potential if it could win the situation. At the outset, this seems to be a battle of Android vs iOS rather than Apple vs Samsung. Anyhow, we being spectators shall wait till the next move.

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