Apple explains positive about New iPad battery issue

Apple’s just released New iPad has equally come under criticism as it has become the most popular and best tablet PC so far in the global market. Apple today talked about its battery issue. apples-new-ipad According to Apple, the New iPad operates similar to other iOS devices. The iDevice giant says the New iPad and other iOS devices displays 100 percent battery full just before it reaches to full state. The battery continues the charging to 100 percent and then discharges to a little amount. It again charges to the optimum level and repeats the discharging process. This way it carry on until the tablet or other iDevice is unplugged. Apple VP Michael Tchao said this process of charging the battery allows it in maintaining an optimum charge. He added that the charging process is so designed to keep the iDevice plugged in for as long as user wants. It won’t do any damage to the circuitry, and hence it is a great feature from Apple that has been always in iOS. Before the release of New iPad this charging system was unnoticed until DisplayMate analyst Ray Soneira discovered it in his iPad while testing. Tchao mentioned that no matter what the battery cycle is, but owners would get 10 hours of battery life in their New iPad as promised by Apple. The New iPad has slightly larger battery to support more life to the device with Retina Display high resolution screen. This is the reason the tablet is a bit thicker than its predecessor.

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