Apple Event Round-up: iPad 4, iPad mini and more

Yesterday was a big day for Apple fans. Apple did not take long to host another event after the groundbreaking success of iPhone 5. Since the moment Apple announced an event, rumors and speculations were at high and like every time most of the rumors proved to be true. The event started at 10:00 am PDT (10:30 PM Indian time) in San Jose, US. It started with Tim Cook counting the success of various apple products followed by a round of product launches. Here is the sneak peak of all the products launched in the Apple event. apple-event (Image credit: Gizmodo) New 13-inch MacBook pro: 13-inch MacBook Pro is Apple’s best selling laptop till date, but Apple was yet to integrate a Retina display in it. So the Retina fanatics had to settle with a 15 inch which was bigger and pricier. In the event yesterday Apple announced the new Macbook Pro with Retina display which costs $500 cheaper than the 15-inch MBP. The resolution of 2560 x 1600 is almost at par with 15-inch. In comparison to the earlier 13-inch MacBook Pro, its 13-inch thinner and weighs just 3.5 pounds. New Mac Mini: Apple also unveiled the new and more powerful Mac Mini CPU. The newer Mac Minis are powered by Core i5 Ivy bridge processor and are two times faster than the earlier ones. The iMac: iMac is the product which has got the most overhaul this time. They have gone a crazy 80% thinner from the earlier iMacs and the screen has now 75% less reflection. Other specifications includes quad-core i5 processors (can be bumped up to i7), up to 32GB RAM and 768 GB HDD along with an additional Fusion Drive. 4th Generation iPad: Though there were rumors regarding a refreshed iPad, but Apple surprised everyone with the unveiling of next generation iPad. The newer iPad has been powered by Apple’s own A6X chip which is twice as fast both in terms of CPU and GPU. Apple has also introduced the lightning connector replacing the old 30 pin connector with this iPad. iPad Mini: And ShowStopper for the event was the all new iPad Mini. A 7.9 inch tablet which is just 7.2 mm and 0.68 pounds. The screen has 35% more surface area in comparison to 7-inch regular Android tablets (Say Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD).  If Apple claims are to be believed, the iPad Mini provides 50% more browsing area in portrait mode and 67% more in landscape mode in comparison to 7-incher droids. The iPad Mini is definitely a winner against the Android tablets but too expensive as well. This was just a sneak peek, we will definitely discuss about the tablets individually in our forthcoming stories. Stay tuned! The whole concentration of Apple is shifted to make the existing products better. To be specific, brighter, lighter and thinner. They have a new task as well, to compare their products with Android devices. Isn’t it like diminishing your standards yourself? Apple was famous for bringing in new products, creating its own niche and give something refreshing to the world in every event. Seems all gone with Steve.

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