App that makes your iPad a transparent glass.

Remember the movie “Die another day” in which the agent M showcases the Aston Martin Vanqish – the invisible car – to James bond? Through a technique called Adaptive Camouflage, tiny cameras project the image they see on to the light emitting polymer skin on the opposite side of the car. The resulting illusion makes the car invisible.

Well, Levity Novelty, an application developer tries to recreate the same effect on iPad 🙂 Taking advantage of the high tech sensors such as 3D gyroscope, accelerometers, brilliant touch capabilities and the camera on the back, this invisibility app enables you to see what’s beneath the ipad even while you are moving your iPad. For example, you take a picture of the table top, set the iPad on top of the spot where you took the picture. When you start rubbing the homescreen gently, it creates an illusion of wiping away the homescreen as the surface beneath starts showing up! It’s fun.

Levity Novelty has applied for a patent for this technology which also uses some pattern-matching techniques. The technology is called Pantomime technology.

You can download the app here:

Here’s a cool video that shows how the app works.


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