App Review – WiFi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro for Android

If you face internet connectivity problems while going around your home and other places and you are having an Android device!! Then we are having a cool Android application for you which will let you use your mobile’s internet to access the sites you want when you are not around a WiFi hotspot. WiFi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro is an Android application that allows you to use your mobile phone’s 2G, 3G or 4G internet connections to surf sites on your laptop.

WiFi HotSpot & USB Tether by SVTP

This application is having a normal interface and you have two connectivity options with it. You can use internet using WiFi hot spot or via USB tether with this application by SVTP. There are two versions of this app on Google play store. The first version is free and it lets you check if this app works fine with your phone or not. If the free version works fine then you can go for the pro version. You will be purchasing rights of this app for one time and there will be no limitations for you by the company to use the app for lifetime. Features of WiFi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro for Android devices –
  • Interface of this app by SVTP is really very simple.
  • There are two modes to access internet on your laptop.
  • WiFi Tether and USB tether are two different options for the users.
  • WiFi tether allows you to connect to internet using your laptop with wire.
  • USB Tether requires a high speed data cable to connect to internet.
  • Two versions of the app free and paid to check if its compatible to your device or not.

WiFi HotSpot & USB Tether options

Conclusion – WiFi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro is for the users of Android devices, who needs internet connectivity often. You should totally give it a try by going through free download link given below. Our Ratings – 4/5 [ Expensive App ] Download Link
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