App Review – Todo Movies for iOS

Todo Movies is one of the best applications we have ever reviewed on 91Mobiles. Todo movies application is the best way to keep track of different movies that you want to watch. Todo Movies is made by Taphive GmbH and its surely one of the best ways to keep a list of movies that you haven’t seen yet. We are pretty sure that there are many iOS device users who were eagerly waiting for application like this one. The interface of Todo movies application is pretty great and it allows you to add so many movies in the list that you want to watch in future. So mainly Todo movies is a to do list for you but its especially made for keeping track of un seen movies. When you will enter the name of any movie to save on the to watch list with this app, then it will search it for you and will display important details about the movie. The graphical interface of Todo Movies is pretty great.

Todo Movies app

Features of Todo Movies app for iOS Devices –
  • – Interface of Todo movies app is pretty great which allows you to make a list of movies you still want to watch.
  • – No sign ups and all is required with this application.
  • – It will also give you full details of the movies that you want to watch later.
  • – For un released movies you will get releasing notifications whenever they will be live on cinema screens.
  • – You can also share the list with your friends using Facebook and Twitter support.
  • – Sort movies with dates, names and all to keep perfect track.

ToDo movies Features

Conclusion – Todo movies application for iOS is perfect to keep track of the movies that you still want to watch. This is the best way to keep track of the movies that you want to watch and our word on the app for you is- just have it on your device. Our Ratings – 4.5/5 Download Link – Todo Movies iTunes Store.
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