App Review – Gaana for Android & iOS

The “Gaana” app launched two days ago by Times Internet Limited (TIL) is an instant success with users. It has a pleasing saffron interface, and you can find any song popular hindi, english or regional.

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The Gaana app is an extension of the, the online music streaming website. It has all the features available on the website packed to fit your smartphone.

The app opens with to the gaana homepage that has the latest albums of the week scrolling on top. Below that there are two options – Playlists option with Mirchi Top 20 heading a long list and a Songs list with the top 20 hottest songs of the week. At the base there is the “my zone” where you can create your own playlists, store songs, artists and albums you like. It also shows a history of songs played. Then there is the “search” option which you can use to find any song, artist, album. Then there is the “discover” tab which has options such as music your friends are listening to, new releases, popular songs; albums; playlists or artists, and of course the settings which gives quick hints on how to use the app.

Gaana is a very user friendly app – easy to navigate and music loads quickly. The creators have put in a lot of thought while designing navigation options. For instance, when you are listening to a song, you can check out its info and listen to songs by the same artist or album, share the song on Facebook, Twitter or email it via Gmail.  

Gaana music has great quality and excellent buffering speed. It works best with 3G and WiFi connections. Users can now store all their favourite music on gaana without worrying about storage space for saving all their songs.

Our Rating: 4/5

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