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Antivirus is a must have tool for all the Android users. There are lots of malicious applications on the Google Play Store that might harm your Android device. To protect your phone and its data from malwares and malicious applications you will need an Antivirus application. AVG Antivirus free is one of the best Antivirus apps to use on your Android devices. Its free version is having lot of cool features to protect your device from malwares and all. AVG Antivirus free Android Review Features – There are four main features in the device to protect it from malwares and viruses. The first feature listed on the home screen is the Protection mode. It helps you to scan your device and kill the viruses. Performance mode is having options like killing tasks and checking battery consumption etc. related to performance area. You can also set this application to scan once in a day or schedule it the way you want. Protection mode will scan the new applications for malware issues. The anti theft feature allows you to track your phone using Google Maps when you lost it. Privacy feature is having options like setting locks on the application and backing up your apps to SD card. Privacy feature is having pro features with 14 day of free trial. User Interface – AVG Antivirus free is designed with a simple and easy to use user interface. All the main features of this Antivirus app are listed on the home screen. You can easy use all the features without any issue. You can do all the main tasks in the app with a few taps on the screen. Performance – AVG Antivirus free is a small application that uses only 12MB of the RAM memory. Its size is also very small that takes only 7MB of your phone memory. The application works pretty smooth but sometimes it takes a lot of time to scan the files. However, all other features of the app perform very well on normal Android devices too. Pros –

  • Free protection from malwares
  • Antitheft and performance features
  • Comes from a reliable company
Cons –
  • Sometimes slow scan performance
Our Rating – 4.5 Verdict – AVG Antivirus free for Android is having all the essential features you need to protect your Android device. It protects your phone from Malwares and other malicious applications for free. Check out the free version of the app first and then go for the Pro features like App locker and app management. Recommended Antivirus Application. Download Link Screen Shots –

Avg free antivirus

AVG Antivirus UI

AVG Antivirus Features

AVG Anti theft

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