AOL Launches Smartphone Portal, Android Apps

AOL has launched a redesigned mobile portal and an app for Android. The announcements are part of a renewed focus on mobile apps and content for AOL, spearheaded by David Temkin, the new vice president of mobile, the company said in a statement. Temkin recently left Palm, where he was in charge of the developer new smartphone portal — — works on any mobile browser and is designed to make it as convenient as possible for users to access their favourite AOL content on any mobile device. For smartphones supporting HTML5, including iPhone and Android devices, the portal provides a touch-driven interface that allows users to easily scroll through articles and content; location-based services that deliver relevant and local weather, movie, traffic and other updates; an application directory to easily find your favorite mobile apps as well as support for video content. In addition to the new smartphone portal, AOL has released two new free applications for Android-based devices. The AOL app, according to the company, provides a simple way to read content from some of AOL’s sites like PopEater, Engadget and FanHouse. Users can also access sites such as MapQuest and AOL Mail as well as hit the AOL app list to find links to all available AOL apps for Android. Second, AOL’s DailyFinance app is now available on Android devices. The DailyFinance app allows users to receive real-time stock quotes and financial news and allows users to track up to 25 different portfolios. It also boasts sophisticated interactive charts and graphs that are easily customized. “Android has emerged as a top-tier smartphone platform,” said Temkin. “So, while we’ll continue to focus on development for multiple mobile platforms, this time, we are releasing an early version of an app on Android first – the AOL app. We’re also releasing DailyFinance, one of the most popular apps on other platforms, on Android.” Temkin pointed to AOL’s growing library of smartphone-optimized sites and apps as the beginning of a new focus. “Today’s smartphones offer a completely different experience from the previous generation of WAP-based sites, and AOL will be taking full advantage of the possibilities these new devices can offer, both on the mobile Web and in apps.”

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