Angry Birds Star Wars II launching on September 19 with new characters and storyline

Rovio has announced the sequel of highly popular mobile game Angry Birds Star Wars in the partnership with Lucasfilms. Angry Birds Star Wars II edition is launching on the Google Play Store as well as on other App Stores for smart devices on September 19, 2013. Company has enhanced the game play with new elements and now players will be able to join the enemy side by playing as one of the villain pigs.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds Star Wars first edition was a highly successful smartphone game with total downloads over 100 Million for the company and now company is really excited to introduce a brand new chapter in the Star Wars Saga of Angry Birds, company stated in the official announcement. The game will be having 30 brand new characters in the game play in the form of birds and pigs from the Star Wars movies. There will be new super powers for the players to unlock to destroy the pig castles.  New characters in the game will be having their own unique abilities. The game follows the storyline of three prequel Star Wars Movies. Previous game in the series is currently available on most of the mobile phone platforms as well as on the PC and PlayStation 3 consoles. Angry Bird Star Wars is one of the highly appreciated flick and swing based games for the smartphone devices. Rovio recently updated the game with Cloud City and a character Boba Fett as a playable bird. And, now a new sequel of the game is ready to be launched on 19th September this year.
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