Angry Birds Space hit 10 million downloads since launch

Rovio’s Angry Birds Space surprised the gaming world with a remarkable 10 million downloads since launch (just three days back). Almost certainly this game must be the first one to reach this heights. Rovio announced the launch of game Angry Birds Space to iOS and Android’s Google play on Thursday. Even before that, the game is been officially announced via NASA and posted a teaser from space station featuring Astronaut Don Petit. Perhaps this could have created a crazy upbringing to the game. angry-birds-space-twitter Though the ground level logic of Birds killing pigs isn’t modified, the atmosphere and the feel is entirely revolutionized. Angry Birds Space takes the same battle of birds killing pigs to “Space” with planetary changes including the gravity. Another good news is the Finnish software company Rovio is now planning to launch the game for Windows Phone. Initially, the Microsoft platform is lacking traction and therefore they have decided not to invest time on it. Now, it is possible to see the Space edition of birds sometime on Windows Phone.

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