Angry Birds Heikki launched by Rovio keeping in times with Grand Pix

Rovio, the developer of the immensely popular android game, Angry Birds has launched their Angry Birds Heikki version on June 25. The time of the launch, though initially delayed by a week, has been timed with the Formula 1 season in Europe. The game is essentially a racing based game having 12 tracks or levels. One has to complete one level before going to the other. The name Angry Birds Heikki comes after the Finnish F1 racer, Heikki Kovalainen who is being sponsored by Rovio. The basic theme of the game Angry Birds remains the same in Heikki – which is to fling birds at pigs. But instead of the usual theme, a grassland or a meadow, the background is of a racing track. Angry Birds Heikki is now a web-based gaming and one can play with their browser. The game lets you to take your favorite character on the fast lane which is complete with speeding car sounds, choices of tires, and interestingly the red colored Angry Bird comes with a racing helmet. The angry birds Heikki is a 12-level game where each level would be unlocked on a monthly basis in compliance with Formula 1 rounds. This means that the Angry Birds Heikki can be played till the end of the season which is on November 21. There is also a free power up, which can only be obtained by the players once they register for a code through Heikki Kovalainen Facebook Fan Page. But this requires another app download. But the power up can be used once in each level irrespective of how many times you have started. Angry Birds Heikki The red bird that comes with a helmet might be a stronger than the regular average one. As with the original game, the carnage and the destruction made by the birds gives players extra points. But waiting for one month to unlock the next level is disappointing.

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