Angry Birds for Android Crosses 2 Million Downloads in Two Days

The highly addictive game Angry Birds received tremendous response from Android users as it reached 2 million downloads in just two days of its availability. The game, after its huge success on iPhone was ported to Android and a full version of the game was released after two successful betas on the platform. Interestingly, the full version of the game that costs US $ 0.99 on the iPhone App store is free on Android, although it is ad-supported. Angry_Birds The game’s developers Rovio Mobile who are based in Finland, say that an ad-free paid version will be released later. However, they were skeptical about the success of paid apps on Android and initially released the game without any charge. Cross-platform application store GetJar had the exclusive distribution rights of Angry Birds, but its servers were unable to cope up with the demand and crashed, after which it was also made available on the Android market. The game crossed a million downloads in just a few hours. Angry Birds is amongst the top downloads in Apple’s App Store in many countries. Developers say that the fragmentation seen in Android, which runs on about a 100 devices made their task a little difficult and was responsible for the delays in the porting of the game to the platform.

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