Andy Rubin shows off Motorola Motopad and All new Google Maps

motopad Andy Rubin, the founder of Android showed off Motorola Motopad, the upcoming tablet device from Motorola powered by NVidia Tegra 2 – dual core processor and Android Honeycomb version! He was talking on the Dive into Mobile a tech conference organized by allthingsd. He demoed the upcoming google maps version for mobile and tablets that is much more improved and incorporates faster rendering of images, offline caching, incorporates 3D buildings (!) and compass to orient the maps (nice!). This improved version of google maps would be launched in a couple of days and keep watching out for that! Watch the video (provided below) if you are keen on checking out honeycomb. This device does not have any hardware buttons. You can rotate the device in any direction and you have the screen automatically adjusted for you..and all the buttons are placed in the screen. droid-3d-map honeycomb_lock honeycomb_desktop honeycomb_mail honeycomb_chat Towards the end of the video he mentions that the device is worth $10,000 🙂 Video highlights with Andy Rubin Images: Engadget
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