Android TweetDeck 1.0: Releases for Market


TweetDeck today officially released their Android app and made it available for free to the Android Market. Android TweetDeck is a completely reworked UI for managing your social media empire. With the app you can view and post to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz. “We’ve tried to innovate as much as possible to deliver a smooth, clean experience while offering more power than any other social mobile client,” Tweetdeck mobile chief Toby Padilla wrote in the blog post. “Android TweetDeck 1.0 is just the beginning of our new wave of mobile products. We’re looking forward to continuing development by better supporting landscape mode, adding deeper Facebook integration, better multiple account support and lots more.” According to Padilla, the new version for the iPhone and iPad will be modelled on the Android app. “Those TweetDeck team members with iPhones are pretty amped about the new stuff. Stay tuned for updates on progress,” he wrote. “We were really shocked to see the number of custom versions, crazy phones and general level of customisation of Android,” the company said. “From our perspective, it’s pretty cool to have our app work on such a wide variety of devices and Android OS variations.” You can download the android app here
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