Android Overtakes Symbian In India For The First Time: IDC

Android overtook Symbian to emerge as the top platform in India for the first time, with a share of 42.4 percent of the smartphone market, says IDC report. The platform (Android) saw a growth of 90 percent over the previous quarter; while the Apple iOS consolidated further, with a 3.09 percent share of the smartphone market, compared to a share of 2.6 percent in Q2 2011. According to IDC’s ‘ Q3 CY2011 IDC’s India Mobile Phone Tracker Report‘, the Indian mobile phone market grew 12 percent in units shipped, over the previous quarter, to clock 47.07 million units. year-on-year too, there was a shipment growth of 13.8 percent. “Notwithstanding a sharp decline in the mobile service subscription adds during July-Sept 2011, the mobile phone shipments witnessed a spurt, as vendors built channel inventories ahead of a long festival season. Dual-SIM handset shipments were notable with a sequential growth of 25.2 percent over the previous quarter,” Deepak Kumar, research director, IDC India, said. Interestingly, the quarter gave both the Top 2 players something to cheer about. While Nokia grew its share of overall mobile phone shipments during July-Sept by 6.8 percent over the previous quarter, Samsung succeeded in increasing its smartphone shipment share by 5 percent over the same period. For the quarter of July-Sept 2011, Nokia had 31.8 percent of the mobile phones shipment share, followed by Samsung at 17.5 percent. In the smartphone segment, Nokia still led with a shipment share of 35.3 percent, but Samsung came closer at 26 percent. “The slowdown of Nokia’s smartphones shipment is in line with the expectations, that it would be prepping to transition some of its market share from Symbian to Windows,” Kumar added. “Overall, smartphones shipment for the India market showed an impressive growth of 21.4 percent over the previous quarter and 51.5 percent year-on-year. This helped the segment grow its contribution to the mobile phone shipment to 6.5 percent in Q3 from 5.6 percent in Q2,” G. Rajeev, lead analyst, mobile phones, noted. Several of the Indian and Chinese brands registered varying declines in shipments. Spice and MAXX were notable exceptions and saw shipment growths of 34.1 percent and 10.5 percent, respectively, over the previous quarter of April-June 2011. CY 2011 is expected to close with mobile phone shipments of around 184.4 million units. Also, IDC forecasts the market to clock 301 million by CY 2015, at a CAGR of 13.03 during the period of 2011-2015. The smartphone segment is forecast to see a much higher CAGR of 63.4 percent during the same period and to achieve a shipment of 77.5 million by CY 2015.

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