Android Jelly Bean to come up with multiple user account support

multi_user_android_031348057723_640x360Lots of people were in support of operating multiple user accounts on Android Jelly Bean. There is a good news for all those in support of the multiple user account. You will soon find this option in your Smartphone screen. This report was first released by the developers at XDA. This news first created a buzz when a username zanderman112 displayed how to use this function on an Android device. This guy performed this function on Samsung Galaxy S – III which runs on Jelly Bean. This was somewhat like a silver lining that showed that there is real chance on multiple user account on android phones. But, there is no straight forward option available for it. The multiple user account service usually works by creating a guest account with limited access. Another thing about the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is that not many people use this Android version. Google is working out its strategy to create a wider base of Android Jelly Bean. Once Google gets success in its attempt, the multiple user account technique will definitely bear some amazing results. Android Jelly Bean may come up with lots of other modifications as well. The closer look at the features of Jelly Bean will definitely attract you into it. You can make out more details about it from the official website. Not much time has been passed since Google has launched Jelly Bean at Google I/O Conference at San Francisco. So just stick to it and enjoy.
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