Android Apps: New and Latest

Here is a roundup of some new apps, for Android that you will find interesting. Foursquare for Business, today’s first app worth downloading, helps business owners create deals and spread the word about their stores. An update to Yelp brings an upgraded Google Maps to the social rating app. Last is Cubes vs. Spheres, a turret defense game about destroying evil geometric shapes. android-appsFoursquare for Business This app is free for download. This is of course as the name suggests, an app for business purposes. This is mainly an app that can be used as an advertisement medium to keep their potential and present business clientele updated on the latest in business. You can also upload pictures if you choose to. Further, you can make offers, and view analytics data. With Foursquare you can showcase your business onto social networks, and invite offers by making competitive deals. Users can even review the response got from various deals. Yelp update. This is another free download app. With this app you can be the interviewer of workplaces by checking reviews and blogs by others describing their experience as well as ratings, to make an informed choice in applying or accepting a particular job. With this app you can also find restaurants, hardware stores or whatever else you are looking for. The app uses your GPS to discover these. You can write your own reviews relating the time you had for other viewers to make note of. The latest update given to Yelp has added Google Maps v.2 and 3D maps. Yelp is perfect when you want to quickly run a check on a suggested restaurant or other establishment. Cubes vs Spheres is a free app for Android. This is a fun game in which players combat waves of cubes that keep coming at you by shooting out spheres at the cubes. This game requires skill, precision and strategy. The game gets interesting since you can defend yourself from the cubes by using different types of spheres. There is also ammunition to freeze or blow up the spheres.

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