Android and iOS Occupies 55 Percent of U.S. Smartphone Market

US based Flurry reveals the statistical figures of Smartphone users in the World. The company used some techniques to figure-out the combined population of iOS-Android users from the total 200 million smartphone users in U.S. Android and iOS accounted for 55 percent or 109 million users. To our surprise, this represents 41 percent of all Android and iOS users Worldwide !!! To determine the number of Android and iOS users, the company tracked the 140,000 apps and the number of users on each app using the two operating systems for a period of 30 days. This isn’t an easy game by the way. With the given time frame they were able to crack that there are about 264 million users using the two Operating Systems worldwide. From the given figures, they were able to identify about half of them were Apple and Google, as said it out there. flurry-a Also, Flurry used a technique to determine the total number of smartphone users in the Country who’re with Android and iOS. This was using the IMF Formula to identify the size of middle class based on the study and estimated the size of the upper class. From the resulting figure, they’ve subtracted the combines users of iOS and Android OS. From the World statistics figures, U.S heads the list and followed by China. U.K Stands in the third position and followed by France, Germany, and Japan with 10 million users each. flurry-b Surprisingly, with a sizable market of 75 million India stands smallest in the crowd. The total Android and iOS device users in the country are just 3.4 million. Japan with 10.2 users of the pair compare to potential 65 million smartphone user base in the country. flurry-dvia [Flurry]

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