Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie release date, news and rumour

Android is soon advancing by an Operating System called the Key Lime Pie. Google is fast developing this new OS. We wonder how fast or how slow, Google is moving in developing its  next version of its mobile OS, Android 5.0. Android-all-versions Google has presently given us news only about its Key Lime Pie. We’re thinking the Key Lime Pie will get the  Android 5.0 numbering. Google announced its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at its 2012 IO Conference, and so we’re expecting that perhaps it will finally give us word on the Key Lime Pie at its 2013 IO conference scheduled to be held  from May 15 to May 17 2013, There are rumors that the Motorola X Phone will run the Android 5.0 as the debut handset to run this OS and to be the model showcasing it at the 2013 IO. Looks like the Nexus will be skipped from the demo. Key Lime Pie features aren’t official, but after assimilating information from scores of news sources from the web world, here’s what the Key Lime Pie should offer. So much of system manipulation goes into our devices every day, when you kick start it, and when your about to enter the sweet dreaming world. We are bogged by the mundane routine of activating settings like, putting the device to silent, activating airplane mode and others. What we’d like from the  Android 5.0 is a way to take care of these by managing performance and co relatively power consumption, on its own. While Android gives support across various phones and tablets, sometimes this support is erratic. For example, while watching a film on one Android device, you can’t resume watching it on another device.  So we hope Key Lime Pie can serve us up a whole on this front. Another most important thing which needs to be added into the Android 5.0 is the social networking apps. Android giddy heads are not too happy with what’s presently offered and wish for more. The widgets and features are usually provided by the hardware of the device and not the OS itself. We therefore, expect something from Android itself. Typing on your smartphone can be a buzz kill at times for lack of options for varied text entry. Other manufacturers have provided multiple options of text entry on the keyboard of the smartphone. For instance,  HTC and Sony have customized the Swype style option by dragging the text across the keypad from key to key to form words. As more and more front facing cameras emerge on newest smartphones and tablets, they are all missing something important. A common video chat app. Users resort to Skype or Kakao or other calling apps. Google ought to come up with something of its own for Android. Apple has got its game going where using a promo code system to distribute or review versions of apps. This is absent in Android. If Android 5.0 has this included, it could step up the competition through publicity. Well, the new Android version could do with more changes, like having the settings all arranged in alphabetical order, being able to easily send across messages to another device for storage through backing options onto the SIM card, and even having the option to check box recipients you wish to email or text message at one go, instead of adding them while creating the message. And of course, regular updates for the 5.0!

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