Android 3.0 Gingerbread- More Details Emerge

The next version of the Android mobile OS, Gingerbread or Android 3.0 is in the final stages of development, with the SDK (used by developers for building Apps) to be released in a few weeks. The OS Update will be rolled out by the year-end. According to Android fan site Phandroid, the update will provide a major overhaul to the OS user interface, eliminating the need for third-party interfaces like SenseUI, Motoblur and TouchWiz. According to the source, the most noticeable change will be fond in the notification bar, which will be coloured ‘slate’ from the present white. The overall interface, from the menu icons right down to native apps like YouTube will be made simpler and cleaner. More of ‘green’ will be seen in the interface including the handles for the phone and browser shortcuts. android-gingerbread-nexus-one Native apps like YouTube, Maps, Gmail and Calendar will become more “integrated” with the over all look and feel of the OS and won’t look like add-ons. The major features that come with Gingerbread include support for Video Chat, which is based on the technology that powers Google video chat on the desktop client and support for SIP calling on Google Voice to receive calls using the app on WiFi and 3G. The version will utilize the Processor in a super efficient manner, although the minimum hardware requirements are on the higher side as Gingerbread needs a 1Ghz + CPU, 512 MB RAM to run perfectly.

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