Amazon reportedly working with HTC to build smartphones

Amazon is reported to be working with the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, HTC to build new range of smartphones. According to a report on Financial Times, the online shopping giant and HTC are working together on the development of a new smartphone. The same report also suggests that there are three different devices in the pipeline with the partnership of these companies and one of them is in the advance stage of the development.

HTC’s Chief of marketing Ben Ho didn’t responded anything to the request of the media regarding the partnership of the companies but said they are always exploring new opportunities which can be taken as a pinch of salt for this report at the moment. By partnering with Amazon, HTC can take a break for its troubled times and with the launch of a smartphone in the collaboration with the online retail giant it could give a welcoming boost to company’s financial condition. Amazon is also exploring more opportunities in the world of smart devices and the company is already selling range of Kindle Fire Android tablets which are developed in-house by the retail giant. So, a potential cooperation with the Taiwanese manufacturer will surely signal even more stance of the company towards the market of the smart devices. Recently, Amazon stated that it is having no plans to launch a smartphone this year. So, if that report about the partnership between these companies is true than we might see one or more devices from Amazon and HTC in the market by the beginning of 2014. Via

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