Amazon planning to launch a Tablet this fall.

If the news report on Wall Street Journal is to believed, Amazon is planning to launch it’s own Tablet by October this year. The tablet (for which there is no name yet) will be powered by Android operating system. The tablet will also most likely wont have a camera. It will have a 9 inch multi-touch display screen. The design and manufacturing of this tablet is going to be completely outsourced. Amazon is planning to prize this tablet very competitively.

The WSJ report says that Amazon is trying to compete against Apple’s iPad. But, looks like Amazon’s main motive is to capture the android-tablet market share and not necessarily to compete against Apple. Amazon has plethora of digital content such as music, movies, books and more recently Amazon launched its own Android Appstore, and naturally has an amazing distribution platform for digital content. If only they can offer a compelling android-based tablet, they can embed the digital consumption pattern natively right inside the tablet. Think about it, Amazon has huge number of customers who have happily shared their payment details with them. If Amazon android tablet allows the customers to easily purchase the apps using their amazon account, atleast one layer of friction is eliminated. Right now, users of google android marketplace will have to pay through Google checkout or through direct carrier billing. 

There is not much information about Amazon tablets. But couple of rumours are pointing towards dual-core processors powered by tegra 2 and the next generation quad-core tegra! If the Android tablet offered by Amazon is compelling enough, then it definitely makes sense for Amazon and it’s customers.

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