Amazon MP3 store launched for iPhone & iPad

Amazon has now introduced a MP3 Web Store which has been specially designed for the iOS users.


The HTML-5 MP3 Mobile Store enables an easy access point for Amazon to sell the MP3 Music tracks to the iOS Users. The recently launched MP3 store from Amazon has been optimised specially for the iPhone and iPad users and seems to be targeting towards cutting off 30 percent of Apple’s shares of App Sales. Presently most of the iOS Users rely on the iTunes Music Store for buying Songs they desire.

The Amazon’s web MP3 Store enables the iPhone, iPad, iPod users to buy their desired music instantly through the mobile version of Safari. The MP3 tracks that have been bought by the iOS Users will be saved to the Cloud Player and further will be available for download for those devices as well as to the Android devices along with Kindle Fire and Sonos systems.

The iOS Users will have to go to the official site of amazon in order to access the newly launched MP3 Store rather than the convenience of buying the Music directly from Amazon Cloud Player. However, the site can be bookmarked and Saved to the Gadget to get a hassle free experience.

Amazon has Cosmetised its Music Catalogue with more than 22 million Soundtracks and over 2 million albums that gets it closer to the Vast Size of over 28 million Music Tracks of iTunes Music Store.

With the launch of MP3 Store Amazon seems to be narrowing the gap between its products and the Apple’s own offerings.

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