Amazon Kindle Tablet Mockup based on real experience

MG Siegler of Techcrunch had an opportunity to play and interfact with the real-version of upcoming Amazon kindle tablet. Unfortunately he could not capture any picture of the tablet. But based on what he described, techcrunch team conjured up a mockup of how Amazon kindle tablet will look like. Well, when we look at the mockup, it looks really simple. No distractions, no unnecessary whistles and bells..just a plain screen and a completely clean back (Not even a camera!). The one thing that we dont like is the thick bezel surrounding the front-display. This is a mockup of a 7 inch kindle tablet.


I really like the homescreen cover flow look. Looks like Amazon wants to stick to their core speciality…e-book reader. Kindle is all about books and they are set out to improve the experience of reading books and consume the media. The bottom of  homescreen has shortcuts for five applications on the bottom of the screen. In this particular mockup, they have links to the kindly bookshelf, appstore, mp3 store, angry birds game and one other game.

Via techcrunch

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