Amazon is working to build an Android based Smartphone

It has been rumored that Amazon is working to build an Android based Smartphone to head on with the iPhone. But, what is surprising to know is that Amazon is in collaboration with Foxconn, a US based retail giant. Foxconn has already produced devices for Tech giants including Microsoft, Apple and China’s Baidu. Few days back, Amazon Kindle Fire 2 news also buzzed around in the market. With a substantial success of Kindle Fire tablets, this move from Amazon seems pretty reasonable. Amazon’s new Smartphone will be based on the Android platform. Amazon uses some what a modified version of Android. You can access al the lucrative feature on the phone along with the Kindle App store. In order to be on the safer side, Amazon will be hiring the intellectual property acquisition and expert in order to shield itself from the possible case at its entry level. As of now, no news has been revealed about the specs of the Smartphone or what it is going to be look like. I guess we need to wait a little more to get a better insight about the Amazon Smartphone. Market is pretty optimistic about the Android potential to enter into the Smartphone arena. Their app store and media connectivity is at above par standard. Amazon and Foxconn will also be looking for a long term partnership. Few critics are always there, but if everything goes fine then we will soon have an alternative for the iPhone.
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