Alpha Developer device based onBlackberry 10 based spotted

RIM had earlier stated that it would release its  first device based on  BlackBerry 10 operating system somewhere towards the end of this year. While  design and the development of the apps for this operating system is under way some user called Trippin has gone ahead and posted images of the Alpha Developer device based on the BlackBerry 10 operating system at the CrackBerry Forums. The first pictures of the Alpha Developer device based on BlackBerry 10 operating system suggest that it is only a  testing model meant for use only for the software developers who may create, test and load their apps on it. This BlackBerry 10 based Alpha device for developers looks like a compact PlayBook tablet lacking a home button. This Alpha Development device is only for the testing purpose and is not designed for commercial purposes. When the main BlackBerry 10 OS based device is released officially to the markets it will look quite different from the device that is seen in this picture. The million dollar question is whether RIM will design a capacitive button for the unreleased device or not. RIM is expected to unveil its BlackBerry 10 based device towards the end of this year. These pictures are only of a testing device for developers and is not to be confused with the main device that is to be released later. RIM’s Blabkberry phones are very popular all over the world and the new device is going to add more stars to their accomplishments.

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