AKVIS ArtSuite 9.5: Suit You?

AKVIS has now released its latest 9.5 version of its ArtSuite for Windows and Mac OS X 10.4-10.8 both 32 bit and 64 bit. This new upgrade by AKVIS contains bug fixes and increases its compatibility Windows 8. With this upgrade users will also get a new Winter Pack which wont be available for any other versions. With this Winter Pack you will get fifty hand painted, high quality frames. The Winter Pack merges the existing Baby Pack, Wedding Pack, Christmas Pack, St.Valentines Pack, Sports Pack and Travel Pack into one. AKVIS-ArtSuitesof With this pack you can decoratively dress up your photos and harness your creativity post shooting. The library encompasses a large number of frame patterns. You can also add more frame patterns to your library by installing them into the program. The software is easy to use and works without problems. Your photograph can now be given decadent quality by adding style and character to it. This new upgrade is a plugin for the Photoshop ArtSuite. You can even make personalized greeting cards, design posters and decorate albums. You will have access to several templates and texture samples ranging from timeless wooden frames, to funky decorations, to seasonal ones offered in various fabrics. There’s something in it for everyone as there are a wide range of options f or kids too.  You can even dress up a frame by adding an ornament. Users can even apply artistic effects like converting a photo into a B and W image with a sepia effect, or a comic effect and much more. You can decide if the AKVIS ArtSuite version 9.5 is suited for you through a ten day trial that is offered before buying the product. AKVIS mainly focuses on development of image processing software and restricts its research to this. The Company was incorporated in 2004 by some IT professional enthusiasts with experience and expertise in programming and software development.

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