Airtel Services now available in Kargil, J&K

Bharti Airtel has became the first private mobile operator to provide its services in Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir.


Kargil is considered as one of the most unreachable terrains in India. This area also faces the worst weather conditions and remains unconnected from other parts of the country for almost six months every year.

Airtel now offers its services in 22 districts in Jammu & Kashmir. Airtel will provide voice calls and data connectivity feature in Kargil as well henceforth. The Connectivity in this region will be accomplished through VSAT links supported by Airtel’s specially designed  infrastructure, which can work in worst climatic conditions and are easily reachable on highest terrains.

Bharti Airtel is currently the only operator to provide its services in Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir. The inhabitants of this area will be benefited with better connectivity with rest of India and the World. The Army camps of this region will also benefit with soldiers being able to communicate more freely with their families. This will surely help the tourists also to stay connected with their near and dear ones even on one of the highest points in India.

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